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With this year's expansion to a second practice and to a five-day-a-week schedule, we have also expanded our team to ensure that we can continue to provide the “Ultimate Dental Health Experience” at both of our locations. If you've been in recently, you may have noticed some new faces around the office: Angela Watson, Office Manager. Angela joined the team in January to help support the growth of the practice and the team. When she is not helping at the front desk, she is behind the scenes, managing the day to day operations at both practices (and making sure Dr. Wat... Read More

If it seems like you haven’t heard much from Dr. Watson’s office this year, it’s not because we haven’t had much to share—quite the contrary! 2015 was a year of exciting growth, with the addition of our second location, North Portland Dental Care. After building a presence in the SE Hawthorne neighborhood for the past 10 years, Dr. Watson decided it was time to expand his services to patients in the "NoPo" neighborhood where he and his wife, Angela, have lived since 2004. This involved purchasing an existing practice that was for sale, updating and improving the building and techn... Read More

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