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Tour the Office

Hawthorne Dental Lobby

In our relaxing lobby, you’ll be surrounded by images of music legends.


People enjoy watching the realistic fish in our digital aquarium.

Hawthorne Dental Digital Aquarium


Hawthorne Dental Mission Statement

We stand behind our mission statement: to provide you, our patient, with the Ultimate Dental Health Experience.


As you head “backstage,” you’ll see many more familiar music icons in our hallways.

Hawthorne Dental Music Theme


Hawthorne Dental Room

As you can see, we’ve designed our rooms to help you relax.


Some “eye candy” on the ceilings above our chairs – yes, they are real records! Dr. Watson and staff can explain what a record is if you’re not familiar.

Music Records on the ceiling at Hawthorne Dental


Dentist confering with patient

Your Ultimate Dental Health Experience typically starts with a conversation with Dr. Watson. We take the time to get to know you and determine how to best serve your dental health needs.


On your way out, you’ll see these rather famous guys on the wall when you check out at the front desk. We look forward to seeing you again and hopefully we’ll also get the opportunity to see your family and friends.

Rock Legends at Hawthorne Dental