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One of our biggest challenges in oral health is fighting cavities (also known as tooth decay). But what is a cavity, anyway? What happens if it’s not treated? And how can you prevent it from ever starting? Whether you like it or not, your mouth is full of bacteria. Bacteria often form a sticky film layer called plaque, which tends to accumulate near the gum line and in the deep grooves on your biting surface. When you eat, the bacteria eat the same foods as you, producing acids that break down your tooth and cause decay and cavities.&n... Read More

We are fortunate to have an amazing group of individuals working hard to provide the "Ultimate Dental Health Experience" for our patients! Here are the team members you will meet either at our Hawthorne location or North Portland location. Autumn Nilsson, Front Office AdministratorAutumn came on board in March 2015 just as we were opening the doors at the new North Portland office. Her talents for both people and numbers have been invaluable during a time of major transition, and patients who have met her know that she treats everyone with honesty, respect, and authenticity. Autumn is the proud mom of... Read More

What is Invisalign? The Invisalign system— in short, comfortable and clear plastic aligner trays which are changed out every two weeks as teeth shift—can replace traditional braces for selected patients. The practicality and aesthetics of the system have proven a great draw for adults who want to straighten and correct the position of their teeth without drawing attention to braces. Invisalign is also appropriate for teens if they have no more “baby teeth,” and if the second molars are at least partially erupted. Since its invention in 1997, over 2.6 million people worldwide have been successfully treated with Inv... Read More

If it seems like you haven’t heard much from Dr. Watson’s office this year, it’s not because we haven’t had much to share—quite the contrary! 2015 was a year of exciting growth, with the addition of our second location, North Portland Dental Care. After building a presence in the SE Hawthorne neighborhood for the past 10 years, Dr. Watson decided it was time to expand his services to patients in the "NoPo" neighborhood where he and his wife, Angela, have lived since 2004. This involved purchasing an existing practice that was for sale, updating and improving the building and techn... Read More

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