Hawthorne Dental is Moving

....and we hope you'll come see us in our new home!

After 15 years serving Southeast Portland and developing amazing relationships with our patients, we are closing our doors at Hawthorne Dental and transitioning our team and services to our sister practice, North Portland Dental Care. We never dreamed we might need to make such an abrupt decision. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on health care and on small businesses, and we felt that this change was essential for the safety of our patients and our team, and for the well-being of our business.

Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for our patients, so we've put together answers to some questions that may be on your mind.

Why is Hawthorne Dental closing?
We have decided to move all services to our North Portland office for several reasons:

  • Safety: Our North Portland office is larger than our Hawthorne office and better equipped for safety, with more treatment rooms that are physically separated from each other, and better control over air flow.
  • Economic sustainability: Due to economic impacts of COVID-19, it is no longer realistic for us to run two facilities at half time / two days a week. 
  • Future plans for Hawthorne building: The Hawthorne Professional Plaza has changed ownership and will likely be redeveloped within the next 2-3 years.  This means that we do not have the option to stay forever, nor can we transfer the practice to another dentist.

What will happen to my dental records and my scheduled appointment(s)?
Since all of our patient records are digital, your records will simply be merged with our North Portland database.  If you had a previously scheduled appointment at our Hawthorne location, your appointment will now be at the North Portland practice with the same date and time. 
Where is the North Portland practice? 
Located at 1832 N. Lombard St, North Portland Dental Care is just a few blocks west of I-5, not far from Interstate Fred Meyer and the Lombard Transit Center.  We have ample off-street parking and a bike rack.  If you use transit, our practice is a very short walk from the MAX Yellow Line, and Bus Lines 4 and 75 stop just across the street at N. Lombard and Denver. Find us on Google Maps.

North Portland Dental Care is conveniently located near the Lombard Transit Center

How long does it take to get there / what is the best time to travel?

During lighter traffic times (and during this pandemic), the travel time from our Hawthorne office to our North Portland office is only about 15 minutes.  When normal travel resumes, traffic will start to get heavy on I-5 North between about 2pm-6pm, so you may want to plan for a morning or mid-day appointment if possible—or choose an alternate route through Northeast Portland.
What hours/days will you be open at North Portland?
Right now our plan is to offer appointments Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm, with the office closed every other Wednesday and every other Friday.
Will I still see the same providers and staff that I saw at Hawthorne?
Yes!  For the past several years, our whole team has been rotating between our two offices, so you will see the same friendly faces at the front desk and in the treatment rooms. 
What if it’s too far / too inconvenient? 
We understand that for some patients it may be challenging to make the trip to North Portland.  If that is the situation, please contact us and we can discuss options; for example, we may be able to offer some limited appointment types at Hawthorne until we need to vacate the suite.
Can you recommend other offices or transfer my records elsewhere?
Of course we can!  Just give us a call.  While we would love to continue to be your dental health provider forever and ever, we understand that is just not realistic for everyone.  If you decide to move on, we promise to not take it personally and to make the transfer process as easy as possible.

THANK YOU for trusting us with your care for the past 15 years, and we hope to continue to see you for many years to come!

~ Dr. Keith Watson and the Hawthorne Dental Team

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by Angela Watson on 07/11/2020

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